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Hello! We are Empress Skateboarding, a female-led skate community based in sunny Lancashire, UK.

Born out of a desire to connect with and create a community of likeminded local women - we run female only skateboarding sessions aimed at all abilities and skill levels.  Offering a safe and supportive space for women to grow their skills in skateboarding and develop their confidence - we have qualified female coaches on hand at all of our events.


Our sessions bring skateboarding and music together, soundtracked by live DJs when possible. Additionally, we run community events to integrate women into the wider skateboarding community.

 We love skateboarding. We love music.

We love connecting with new people.



Fun, encouraging & friendly environment

Boards available to borrow

Beginner friendly - though all levels are welcome!

Female coaches present at all sessions 

Empress Skateboarding Logo NO BACKGROUND


Music & live DJ's where possible


Improve physical fitness - skating is a great workout 

Practice mindfulness and connect with your body

Realise your personal strength, resilience and determination 

Connect with other likeminded women and meet new friends

Skate to a soundtrack of heavy beats and basslines


The founder and qualified coach at Empress Skateboarding. Gemma began skateboarding after experiencing a traumatic event - she needed an outlet that would give her a break from anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. When she discovered that there was very few females skateboarding local to her and no female skateboarding events in Lancashire, she decided she would create one using the skills she had built during her career working in HR for charities and running DNB/Jungle events over the previous 4 years. She knew the impact that skateboarding could have on helping women to cope with their emotions and wanted to share this with as many women as possible.

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